Without breathing, any healthy individual will perish in a couple of minutes. The lungs are the first organs of the body to be impacted by COVID-19.

Many individuals have died in a short period of time all around the world as a result of severe Covid-19 patients developing acute respiratory distress syndrome, which occurs when the lungs are no longer able to give adequate oxygen to the organs.

The main cause infected by coronavirus is weak immunity system. Immune system is the innate ability of the human body to detect and destroy bacteria, it is like a team stationed in the army of the human body, it responsible for preventing the human body attacked by pathogenic microorganisms.

Therefore, the immune system creates a health protection barrier, as cells are the basic unit of life, thus the most basic method of strengthen Immune System by activate the body cells.

The medical community has proven that terahertz waves is the only one that can be produced by human cells resonant frequencies that can activate inactive cells, thereby strengthening healthy cells.

In addition to activating and strengthening cells, body temperature important for health and immunity factor. According to experienced Japanese health research by Kazuya Ishihara, MD, when the body temperature rises by 1 degree, the immunity will 5 times higher; conversely, body temperature drops 1 degree, immunity will drop by 30%. That’s why we get a fever, because fever is a self-healing mechanism. It is an act of eliminating viruses from the body.

To maintain the body’s immunity and self-healing ability, body temperature is very important; MeTech Terahertz cell activation instrument is an exclusive patent of high-tech physiotherapy equipment and has obtained Specification and Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM) Certification.

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