We will enroll 10,000 people across whole Malaysia as iM Booster Ambassador, and provide immunity booster training for the attendees when they attend the party and event.

Based on the number of people in the party, we will schedule a certain number of iM Boosters ambassador at the entrance of the event venue, and ready free immunity booster service to those attendees.

Currently mainly for government departments events provide services, but if private activities in the field may require apply to iM Booster!

Community Platform

Most of the associations and enterprises always look after their own interest, and as a result of lack of holistic leadership and integration force. While iM Booster is a community of multi religion, race, professional field , platform, all guild enterprises are on an equal footing, exchange information and integrate resources.

Other than promoting free immunity booster services, iM Booster also invites Non profit organization and corporate companies to join our Community platform, together we  exchange information, integrate resources, and contribute to the country and society.

We also invite local artists and corporate leaders to join the platform to promote immunity booster service better and promote iM Booster as a community platform.